Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Look out below! [UPDATED]

Such a success:

"[A]n intriguing analysis of Covered California’s state-run exchange found that up to half the 1.2 million new enrollees might actually drop their coverage."

To be fair, some of these folks will find new jobs with employer-sponsored insurance plans. On the other hand, a lot will find themselves now eligible for (taxpayer funded) Medicaid coverage. And some will take a look at their high premium, high expense, low benefit plan and decide to chuck it.

Sounds like a plan.

UPDATED: Perchance there's an even simpler explanation:

"California Obamacare customers are expressing outrage after finding out that nearly 1,000 California doctors were listed on the Covered California website as accepting Obamacare plans when in fact they do not"

As we've mentioned numerous times, "narrow networks" are one of the more insidious ways in which the ObamaTax tries to rein in costs. This is, in fact, a fairly obvious method of rationing health care: "sure, here's an insurance plan that guarantees your insurability, but good look using it to actually access, you know, care."
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