Monday, March 03, 2014

Wait, wait!

So, MVNHS© victims patients continue receiving free healthcare.


"Millions of patients wait as long as three weeks to see their GP"

The problem, of course, is quite simple: high demand ("free" healthcare) with low supply (healthcare).

Here, of course, it's a completely different matter: we can't even get the "free" part right. Just ask Jacki Manley:

"...a stay-at-home mom in the western Maryland town of Keedysville, who has been trying since mid-December to enroll in a health plan through that state's health exchange."

Just wait 'til she's signed up, and gets the same great "service" as our Cousins Across The Pond.

The good news is that our Betters-in-DC
© don't have to worry about these little hiccups:

"This year, members of Congress and thousands of their staffers are finally signing up for health insurance provided by an ObamaCare exchange ... unlike those millions of Americans, members and staff have a way to opt out of ObamaCare — retirement"

That's right, they actually make enough to get to retire, at which point they can hop back on the incredibly benefit-rich Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).

Two legs good, four legs better?
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