Tuesday, March 11, 2014

VERY Stupid Agent Tricks

On the one hand, having an agent help you "navigate" (heh)  the 404care.gov site is essential. Having one who actually knows what he/she is talking about is equally so.

Witness the power of this fully operational StupidStar:

"Yes, you can still get health insurance after Obamacare open enrollment ends."

In a glaring - and unprofessional - attempt to correct herself, "The Goddess" has completely revamped her original post, without leaving the original post intact, as if actual professionals didn't already save her egregious misrepresentations.

Here's what her post originally said:

Yes, you can still get health insurance after Obamacare open enrollment ends.

Obamacare has NO bearing when health insurance is available for purchase. It’s available year-round- like it’s always been."

And she actually doubled down on The Stupid in her comments section:

I stand by my statement, but perhaps my explanation in the post was unclear. Here's another try: Health insurance is available year-round- but in two different ways- inside the Marketplace and outside the Marketplace"

The fact is that, without an officially sanctioned "Qualifying Event," one may not purchase a new plan "year 'round," on or "off" the Exchange.

Rather than acknowledging and then correcting her mistake, "The Goddess" simply dumped her original post "down the memory hole" and attempted to shift the blame for her stupidity onto some nameless carrier.

The fact of the matter is that, if she truly underwent (and understood) the FFM training, then she would have known that what she posted was wrong. And if this is the quality of her "advice," then Heaven help her poor clients.

Now you may be thinking "hey Henry, why the attitude? She owned up, 'fessed up and apologized. What's the big deal?"


Except she didn't, really. What she did is throw the original post "down the memory hole" and (attempt to) blame some anonymous carrier rep. Even if this rep had claimed that Open Enrollment applied only to On-Exchange plans (about which there is some dispute), "The Goddess' - alone - was responsible for vetting this information before posting it. And it was easy to do, as anyone who had taken (and passed) the FFM certification course could attest.

Again, we all make mistakes, but responsible folks acknowledge and correct them, and responsible bloggers make sure to keep the original post intact (or, perhaps grayed out, to indicate something's amiss) so that others could see the error and understand the correction.

"The Goddess" did neither.

And that's the reason for "the attitude."
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