Thursday, February 20, 2014

The California Push - A Potential Net Negative

Thanks to the "Lie of the Year" Covered California is able to claim victory. According to data released yesterday Covered CA has now enrolled over 825,000 people which is greater than the goal of 700,000 they had set back in September.

But as Lee Corso would say: "Not so fast my friend."

That little blatant lie President Obama told everyone about if you like your plan you can keep it will be the reason why Covered California can celebrate. The Covered California Board voted unanimously in November to not allow policy renewals for the 1,000,000 insured people to be able to keep the plan that they liked regardless of the President using his Executive power to reinstate them.

For those scoring at home, Covered California used their power to cancel 1,000,000 policies and so far has a total enrollment of 825,000. This is what the government calls a win?
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