Friday, February 21, 2014

Taxpayer Give Away

If you want free money, where do you go? Not the lottery. Not lost and found. Jackson
Hewitt and H & R Block.
The store-front firm Jackson Hewitt is probably the most enthusiastic about the model.  Its staffers will complete and even mail the Medicaid paperwork for clients who are eligible for expanded coverage.  They are not licensed brokers so can’t sell insurance directly, but the firm has created a partnership with the commercial online insurance marketplace Getinsured which will help Jackson Hewitt customers buy coverage.
For no extra fee, Jackson Hewitt will figure your subsidy (and your penalty) when it prepares your taxes. And, if you want, it will send that information directly to Getinsured, where you can buy a policy.
Tax preparers participating in the largest wealth redistribution  scheme in the history of the United States.
Jackson Hewitt isn’t alone: H&R Block HRB +0.35% is partnering with the commercial online health exchange GoHealth to help people enroll through Block-branded online chat and phone support. In a pilot program, Block also will have insurance agents located in some Arizona tax offices.
Get your R.A.L. and #Obamacare at the same place. Why not food stamps and voter registration too?
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