Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Et Tu Brute Lauer?

The secret is out. #Obamacare is no longer a train wreck. It is a sinking ship. 

Gary Lauer, chairman and CEO of Internet-based health insurance broker eHealth, said he no longer has confidence Obamacare can work in its current state. "We're stuck in this kind of abyss where it's all being left to government to do this. And just it's not going to work that way."
Consumers can come to eHealth for insurance, but Lauer's company is unable to process subsidies.
"If you're lower income right now, you can only go to a government-run exchange," 
That would be the same exchange that was designed by a Canadian firm with suspicious ties to FLOTUS, stumbled out of the starting gate, and still hasn't worked out a system to pay subsidies to carriers.
"It's much like saying, 'If you're low income, you can only ship a package through the Postal Service. If you're higher income, you can use FedEX or you can use UPS,'" he added. "We're working with the federal government to change that, and trying to get a few states to come around."
I wonder if the captain will go down with this ship or be on the lifeboat with the women and children.
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