Thursday, January 16, 2014

The ObamaTax and Same-sex Spouses

FoIB Jeff M sends us this interesting story

"A Moore County couple claims Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina canceled their coverage because the state doesn't 'recognize' same-sex marriage ... They were married in Washington, D.C. last October and signed up for with the state insurance exchange for family benefits and paid the premium"

Unfortunately for them, North Carolina doesn't recognize same-sex marriage, and Blue Cross abides by the laws of the states in which it's licensed to do business. So the "family" plan has been cancelled, but they are of course eligible to purchase two individual plans.

Although the couple is rather unhappy with the situation ("You just feel stuck, like to feel discriminated against"), one wonders if they've really thought this through:

For example, there is no real advantage to a plan which covers both of them: since it's just two people, there are two deductibles and two sets of co-insurance to satisfy, and there is no multi-life premium break. The only advantage might be the convenience of one bill and one policy number to deal with.

And I wonder if they're aware of the ObamaTax subsidy marriage penalty?

"Any married couple that earns more than 400 percent of the federal poverty level—that is $62,040—for a family of two earns too much for subsidies under Obamacare."

So depending on their incomes they may actually be better off with two different policies. Food for thought.
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