Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thoughts about the President's enrollment in Obamacare

Obama promised early on that he would enroll in Obamacare, and apparently expects the public to view his enrollment as an act of leadership.  But keep in mind Obama and his family are covered by another, better, federal plan and so none of them needs Obamacare.  In other words, his Obamacare enrollment is a meaningless act that signifies nothing.   It’s empty showmanship, not “leadership.”

However, it’s important that everyone at least read down to the 4th paragraph of the Washington Post article.  You will find that Obama did NOT enroll Michelle or either of their two children

Besides not needing Obamacare, I think there's another reason Obama decided not to enroll his family.  Obama knows everyone's personal information on the government websites is ridiculously vulnerable to hackers.  So of course he chose to protect his family members’ privacy.  Given his situation, that’s a simple choice. 

But Americans who qualify for subsidized premiums thru an Exchange don't have a simple choice not to enroll family members.  These Americans only have the "choice" (1) to buy subsidized insurance they can afford - and expose their whole family’s health, financial, and tax information to hackers - or (2) stay out of the Exchanges and be unable to find insurance they can afford.

Some choice.
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