Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inigo Montoya and the ObamaTax Exchange

In the classic film "The Princess Bride," Mandy Patinkin's character is dubious of another character's understanding of a rather common term ("inconceivable!"). He famously observes: "You keep using that word. I dunna think it means what you think it means."

Here's a great example, ripped from today's headlines:

"Medicaid signups an early Obamacare bright spot ... Medicaid has signed up 444,000 people in 10 states in the six weeks since open enrollment began"

Um, Kathy? That's not a "success," that's a major fail.


Medicaid enrollees are a net drain on the system from the moment they sign up. By definition, they pay no premiums, but have full access to health care, including pre-existing conditions, even maternity. They are the exact opposite of what the ObamaTax needs to survive (let alone thrive).

Thus far, less than 50,000 actual, paying customers have signed up. Of those, at least some - and probably most - will be eligible for subsidies, and have pre-existing conditions. But let's say they're all in Olympic shape. That's almost 10 Medicaid enrollees for every Exchange "buyer."

Sustainability. I dunna think it means what Ms Shecantbeserious thinks it means.
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