Thursday, November 14, 2013

And another fine mess...

What a difference a day makes:

"How can the government force carriers to re-file cancelled policy forms, and how do they handle the immediate problem that these plans are unlawful under the ObamaTax?"

Twenty-four hours later, we have our "answer:"

"President Barack Obama said Thursday that insurers will be able to continue health-insurance coverage next year for current policyholders"

Uh-hunh. Go on....

"The first caveat requires insurance companies to inform consumers of what their plans do not include"

Oh, well, that's simple then: just send out millions of additional confusing letters to policyholders already befuddled by the last round. One wonders how much the Post Office paid him to propose this.

And I'm sure that carriers will be jumping all over themselves to take on the additional burden of managing two completely different - and often contradictory - policy forms. Piece o'cake.

But wait, there's more!

"The second requires the insurance companies to inform consumers what they could get on the Obamacare marketplace, that they could qualify for tax credits or qualify for Medicaid."

That's right, let's use the private sector to pimp for more free health care, because Medicaid is so flush with cash as it is.

The 800-pound gorilla currently slobbering all over the dining room table, though, is how to square this particular circle:

"It's the law of the land" vice "hey, let's keep changing it willy-nilly."

Isn't that pretty much what got us here in the first place?

And because this whole exercise is giving me a headache, here's some appropriate mood music:

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