Saturday, October 12, 2013

Told ya so

We've been banging this gong for a while; here's another real-life examplar of why we object to the conflation of health care with health insurance:

"A recent survey covering more than 1,000 physician practices confirms what many experts had feared—many doctors will not participate in Obamacare’s exchanges ... Fewer than three in 10 practices (29.2 percent) definitely plan to “participate with any new health insurance product(s) sold” on an exchange"

Thus putting the lie to those who say "Obamacare is great, I'll finally get health care."

No, you probably won't - what you'll get (perhaps) is health insurance, but good luck using it.

And it gets worse:

"UnitedHealthCare has sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors ... letters were sent out to doctors caring for 'Medicare Advantage' patients ... A mix of primary care and specialty doctors are affected by it."

So even folks who are currently insured don't get to keep their doc's.

Welcome aboard!
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