Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Con and the Vet

The Con:

"The Eighth Amendment guarantees adequate medical care for prisoners ... That's one of the reasons why you're seeing a lot of Republican governors support the Medicaid expansion because for them, it's a fiscal windfall," said [FoIB] Avik Roy."

At issue here is the plan, anticipated to be adopted by at least a few of the 58 states, to dump shift prisoners onto the ObamaTax Exchanges, sending tax dollars from states that opted out of Medicaid expansion to those that opted in. Some call this "fairness," a more accurate description is "redistribution."

And if you think that story shows the ObamaTax going to the dogs, well, FoIB Holly R tips us that:

"...some veterinarians are unhappy that they, their practices and their patients’ families could end up paying a tax designed to help pay for Obamacare."

InsureBlog readers knew of this seven years ago (in dog years, of course).

Woof, woof!
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