Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stupid Chamber Tricks

We have been members (and supporters) of our local Chamber of Commerce (South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce) for many years, during some of which we've been more active than others. But we have always felt that it was important to support the Chamber's efforts, as they have supported - to a greater or lesser degree - ours.

But no more.

This morning, we received an email that the SMRCOC has decided that rather than support us, they wish to compete with us, by contracting with an out-of-town outfit to sell and administer the Chamber's own private employer health insurance Exchange, in direct competition with us and other member agents.

They've never reached out to us for help or advice on this, or even asked if we'd like to participate as a professional and experienced sales partner.

That's obviously their prerogative, as it is ours to immediately resign.

Here's what's sad: we are not the only agents who've been active and supportive members for many years, and yet the "leadership" has decided that, instead of a mutually beneficial relationship with folks who have donated time, effort and money, they would rather cast their lot with an organization who will never be in a position to financially support (as in patronize) the very businesses that the SMCROC claims to represent and support.

I'd call that pretty shortsighted.
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