Sunday, October 20, 2013

So, How Many Actually BOUGHT ObamaInsurance?

Administration officials say about 476,000 health insurance applications have been filed through federal and state exchanges,

I suspect this number is not only inflated but misleading.


Because of this.
However, the officials continue to refuse to say how many people have actually enrolled in the insurance markets.
The initial step, that begins at healthcare.guv, is to complete a financial colonoscopy application to learn if you qualify for a subsidy.

After you go through that procedure the next step in the House of Horrors is the dreaded Sticker Shock.
Cabinet members and other top administration officials will also be traveling around the country in the coming weeks to encourage sign-ups in areas with the highest population of uninsured people.
Is this really a smart move?

To drum up support for a site that supposedly has problems caused by "pent up demand"?

Somehow I doubt the makers of Edsel and Corvair felt the solution to their problems was to try and sell more cars before fixing the underlying problems.
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