Monday, October 07, 2013

Questionable Carrier Statements

So, got this in email from UHC/Golden Rule this morning:

"Your clients with “Non-Grandfathered” Golden Rule plans can keep their plans until at least Dec. 30, 2014, without impact of 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. This includes underwritten plans with effective dates through the end of this year."

I have two quibbles:

First, it is at best disingenuous to claim that current UHC/GR policyholders haven't been impacted by the ObamaTax. I have yet to hear of anyone whose rates have gone down in its aftermath. And of course, how many of their policyholders have lost access to their providers as the network has decreased, either through attrition or selection?

Second, I have been very careful in speaking with all my clients about what may or may not happen on January 1st. For example, when speaking about early renewal options with my small group clients, I always add the caveat that it's "conventional wisdom" that their plans will survive until next December. But given the fecklessness of Ms Shecantbeserious and her minions, I would not be surprised to see her announce on December 31st that, "effective tomorrow ALL health plans must be ACA-compliant."

Methinks UHC/GR is walking on very thin ice.
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