Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No, no, no - A thousand times no!

This has been making the rounds:

"The law states that policies in effect as of March 23, 2010 will be “grandfathered,” meaning consumers can keep those policies even though they don’t meet requirements of the new health care law. But the Department of Health and Human Services then wrote regulations that narrowed that provision, by saying that if any part of a policy was significantly changed since that date -- the deductible, co-pay, or benefits, for example -- the policy would not be grandfathered."

Which is true, and puts the lie to the claim that "if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance."

But some folks, not content to let the truth speak for itself, have added a flourish: that even premium increases will render a plan "ungrandfathered."

No. It. Won't.

Premiums increase all the time. I am looking at one client's grandfathered plan, which has had 3 rate increases since it was written in January 2010, and it is still grandfathered.

Please, people, the ObamaTax is bad and destructive enough on its own; it is in fact counterproductive to mischaracterize additional defects.

So stop it.
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