Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No Health Insurance? That's Fine.

North Georgia Staffing, a "boutique" staffing agency is facing a tough decision. This husband and wife company has 18 full time employees and 400 part-timers.

They have survived a recession, but may not make it through Obamacare.
"We have very good employees, and we want to take very good care of them," Debbie Underkoffler said.
But under ObamaCare, the Georgia company now faces a tough choice -- cover all of its temporary workers as well, or pay a hefty fine.
Fox News

Obamacare uses screwy rules to come up with "full time equivalent" employees. In this case 400 part time employees = 200 full time employees.

Got it?

That means NGS must offer affordable health insurance (Obamacare design, of course) to their employees or pay a fine.
under the health care law, they'd have to provide insurance coverage to all, or pay a $2,000-per-worker fine. In the Underkofflers' case, the fine might be the more affordable option.
One of those unintended consequences that impacts a successful business.

Of course HHS Shebullshits would say there is no problem since their 400 employees will now have access to affordable health insurance on the exchange.

Assuming they can log on to the website . . .
Those penalties could add up to $400,000 in just the first year. That comes right off their bottom line. Still, it's a fraction of what providing health care could cost them. That tab could top $2 million per year.
Simple math.

Obamacare. The gift that keeps on giving.
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