Thursday, October 10, 2013

Justice served (Finally)

Regular readers may remember the frustrating story of Glenn Neasham, an insurance agent from California, who went to jail for selling an annuity. When last we discussed him, Mr Neasham was sitting in jail, hoping for exoneration.

Today, there's good news:

"An Appellate Court in California has overturned Glenn Neasham’s 2011 conviction ... there was no evidence that defendant [Neasham] appropriated the elder’s funds to his own use or to the benefit of anyone other than the elder herself, nor was there evidence that the defendant made any misrepresentations or used any artifice in connection with the sale.”

In short, there was never any "there, there." In fact, the Appellate Court made it clear that the original jurors were given incorrect instructions on which to base their decision, all but guaranteeing the case's final outcome.

Now, Mr Neasham is hoping to get his life back on track, and re-secure his license to sell insurance. There's a slight chance that the case will be re-tried, but it's unlikely because the "money was returned ... in full with interest in 2012; therefore, there was no theft ...  [the "victim"] is now deceased."

Godspeed, Mr Neasham, Godspeed.
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