Friday, October 04, 2013

Chad H Busted? [Update: Confirmed!]

Regular readers may remember the Frost case a few years back. The takeaway from that farce was that the legacy media seems to have little interest in ferreting out actual facts, even when readily available. Such may be the case of Mr Chad Henderson, the (ostensibly) first and only American to successfully buy a new ObamaPlan.

Recently, co-blogger Pat sent a spreadsheet with actual rates for each ObamaTax geographic rating area. This morning, he noticed something odd:

According to legacy media and Mr Henderson himself, his (unsubsidized) rate is $175. Yet an easily found site which offers plan comparisons yields a very different number: $190.23. Now one might shrug off the $15 monthly (almost $200 annual) difference, but that's almost 10% more than reported.

So two questions: what was Mr Henderson's motivation for misleading us, and why hasn't one member of the legacy media called him on it?

Ruh Roh, Chad [From Patrick]:

"The 21-year-old from Georgia was hounded by reporters after Enroll America identified him as someone who had successfully purchased insurance coverage on HealthCare.Gov ... Chad's dad, Bill Henderson, says otherwise. He tells Peter Suderman that he believes Chad has not signed up for health coverage quite yet."

I'm shocked, shocked!

UPDATE: Busted!

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