Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cannon-fire scores a hit

A while back, we noted that uber-wonk Michael Cannon claimed that citizens of states with Fed-run Exchanges weren't eligible for ObamaTax subsidies, and that the employer mandate was inoperative in those states. At the time, the story didn't have a lot of "legs;" indeed, the IRS ran rough-shod right over it, announcing far and wide that they were going to ignore that part of the actual, written, passed-by-Congress and sign-by-the-President law.

As one might imagine, this hasn't sat well with various and sundry folks who feel, perhaps nostalgically, that the law-as-written should mean something, and so a group of them filed suit to have it enforced.

The lawsuit has languished for a while, but has now been given new life by a Federal judge who - gasp! - understands that the plaintiffs have a legitimate case:

"A federal judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a case that could fatally cripple the Obamacare health insurance law ... 'The IRS cannot rewrite the law that Congress passed'"

But of course they can do just that, and so far what's stopping them?

Bueller? Anyone?
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