Monday, September 30, 2013

(Un)common Sense

You know those warning labels on things like hair dryers? The ones that tell you not to use the hair dryer while you are in the tub or shower?

Or don't stick a fork in the toaster to get your piece of bread?

You would think these things are common sense. Why would you need to tell someone they shouldn't use a hair dryer while standing (or sitting) in water, or that you should not stick a metal fork in an electric toaster while it it turned on?

So why do navigators need to be told the following?
“Do not leave documents that contain PII [Personally Identifiable Information] or tax return information on printers and fax machines.”
“When faxing PII or tax return information, double-check that the recipient’s fax number is correct and that someone is able to pick up the faxed information immediately.”

Common sense, right?

Apparently not.

And these are the folks the government is hiring (and training) to help you get an Obamacare subsidy.
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