Monday, September 16, 2013

Not just No, but Heck No!

As Bob noted last month, the grand folks in Capital City aren't too keen on  rubbing elbows with us rubes waiting on line at the Health Insurance Exchange. Far beneath their stations in life, don'tcha know.

Well, it should probably comes as no surprise, then, to learn that Federal "workers" really don't want to give up their gold-plated (but Yugo-priced) health insurance. After all, they were promised that "if they liked their insurance, they could keep their insurance."

[Ironic, I know]

But if you'd really like to know just how much they don't want to forced off those great/affordable plans, "[a] new survey of 2,500 federal employees and retirees found that 92.3 percent believe federal workers should keep their current health insurance and not be forced into ObamaCare."

Frankly, I'm surprised that number's so low.
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