Monday, September 09, 2013

Kiddie Dent

One of the ObamaTax core benefits is pediatric dental care. As we've pointed out, at least some of that care is ripe for abuse, but at least some carriers are looking for ways to minimize the damage.

Superior Dental Care is a regional dental carrier with whom we have a few cases; they've just announced their new "kids' plans" which are designed to "help clients that are domiciled in Ohio fulfill Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements by covering the dental Essential Health Benefits (EHB's)."

These plans, available for covered "children" through age 18, are available for small groups (under 50 lives) that have opted to carve out the pediatric dental requirement from their group medical plan.

It's nice to see carriers "thinking outside the bun" on these types of benefits. Whether or not these plans will be of value remains to be seen (they're still in development, but expected to be on the street by October 1st), but at least we're seeing some positive reactions to the train wreck.
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