Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Day, Another Obamacare Payoff

Obamacare. The master plan to deliver (almost) universal access to health care for everyone.

Promises of lower premiums.

Promises that you can keep your plan and your doctor.

Promises of no new taxes.

What's not to love about that?

Then one day, someone started reading the law and it was discovered the promises could not be kept. So HHS and the White House started down a path of handing out pardons.

Pardons for insurance carriers that offered limited benefit plans.

Pardon's for unions and businesses in Nancy Pelosi's district.

Pardon's for college student health plans.

Pardon's for religious institutions that objected to the mandated abortion pill.

Of course the latest round of pardons orchestrated by the White House was an exemption for members of Congress and their staff.

But that was last week.

In case you have been sleeping under a rock, the AFL-CIO, a MAJOR supporter of the Democrat party and Mr. Teleprompter's election campaigns has been whining about the impact of Obamacare. Today we find out someone is coming to dinner at the White House and it isn't Sidney Poitier. 
President Barack Obama is meeting with union leaders at the White House to discuss labor's growing concerns about the new health care law.
Friday's meeting comes after the AFL-CIO approved a resolution this week saying the law could drive up the cost of union-sponsored health plans, encouraging some employers to drop coverage.
White House officials and labor leaders have been trying to work out a possible resolution. Unions want members to be eligible for the same federal subsidies available to low-income workers in the new health exchanges. The White House has resisted that fix, saying the law doesn't allow it.

Just because the law doesn't allow it doesn't mean an exception can't be done.

If the president can pardon the Thanksgiving turkey he can certainly arrange another pardon for 11 million of his closest friends.

Everyone get's a pardon.

Everyone except you and me.

Empty promises from an empty suit.

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