Wednesday, August 07, 2013

You made HOW much??

Here's a conundrum: if the Data Hub isn't online come October (or even January) 1st, and since the (Evil) Employer Mandate is delayed, then how will Capital City's right hand know about its left when it comes to Exchange subsidies?

Well, the folks in charge seem to think that's not going to be a problem:

"Obama administration officials have been telling Congress the exchanges will have ways to check consumers' income information in 2014."


And how might that be?

Turns out, the "normal" data on which the Exchanges would rely comes from the IRS, Social Security and Equifax. But what if these agencies can't actually provide the verification? No problem:

"[T]he exchange will cut off access to the tax credits"


Are these the same bureauweenies that arbitrarily (and illegally) extended subsidies to states with Federally-run Exchanges? Or the ones who unilaterally (and illegally) delayed the Employer Mandate?

It is?

Then this becomes troublesome:

"An exchange will have some flexibility when it comes to asking for extra documentation from individuals"

Yeah, I'm sure that won't be abused.
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