Friday, August 02, 2013

Well, maybe this one little bitty exemption won't hurt

"The White House has approved a deal that will exempt members of Congress and their staff from some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Politico reported late Thursday [August 1] . . . the Office of Personnel Management now plans to rule that the government can continue to make a contribution to the health-care premiums of the lawmakers and their staff, [Politico] said, citing unnamed congressional sources and a White House official. "

And here.

Except of course that this is not just one little bitty exemption -  instead it joins the hundreds  of previous exemptions, exceptions, delays, interpretations, and political paybacks that this administration has made using the incredibly broad discretionary authority written into ACA - and enacted with not a single Republican vote in either the House or Senate.  

As we all learned in our high-school civics classes, America is a government of laws.

Sure it is.

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