Friday, August 16, 2013

Still Finding Out "What's In It" - Obamacare Navigators take precedence over Disease Prevention

This helps us understand the administration's true priorities with Obamacare.

"In a sign that HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius is worried about Obamacare, she transferred some 20 percent of the money for the “navigators” from programs earmarked for disease prevention."

Well of course The Fair Kathleen is worried.  She can hear the onrushing train whistles, too.

But . . . notice she scraped up the extra funding from money appropriated for disease prevention.

I think this is yet more evidence to support criticism that has been present from the very beginning: the top-priority goals of  Obamacare are achieving maximum possible enrollment as a means of gaining maximum possible political control over the medical care delivery and financing system.  The goals of improving public health and reducing medical cost are clearly subordinate to the top-priority goals.

And this maximum possible political control would last until the end of time, or until the federal bureaucracy decides to give back that control to the people . . . whichever comes first.

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