Tuesday, August 06, 2013

ObamaTax News

While we watch the anticipated implosion of the Data Hub, we should also be keeping our eyes on some of the ways we're expected to interact with it.

Example the First:

"[A]dministration officials announced Monday that the [ObamaTax] is a step closer to reality for millions of uninsured Americans ... consumers can now go online to healthcare.gov and create personal accounts by establishing a username and password"

Well, goody! Must mean we're really close to open access to hundreds of new plans and going-out-of-business rates (so to speak).



"[S]erious shopping will have to wait until sometime in September, when details on insurance plans and premiums offered in local areas will become available."

Well, perhaps Carly Simon had it right, after all.

Which brings us to Example the Second:

"A federal health insurance exchange agency has come up with advice about how its exchanges will manage relationships with one type of consumer helper — the "certified application counselor."

So what's a CAC?

So glad you asked:

"[F]ederally facilitated exchanges" run by CCIIO will designate CACs, and how the FFEs will fire CACs violating privacy standards or breaking other program rules."

Clear as mud.

Actually, a "CAC will be like a navigator, but without necessarily having the ability to provide "culturally and linguistically appropriate" help."

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