Monday, August 19, 2013

New York Time comment section shows just how uninformed the public is

If you can somehow get past Krugman and how ignorant of basic facts he is, the comment sections are somehow even worse. What you have to wonder are people just being this dishonest or are they really this clueless?

"VikramPhatak,Austin, TX

I am also the owner of a rapidly expanding busines. (Mine is in computer security and I have 48 employees.) Average salary is $90K+ and we already offer health benefits.

I am having the exact opposite experience. Health insurance premiums are set to go DOWN by nearly 50% in October, saving the company $35K/mo ($420K/yr). That savings will enable me to hire 4 more people, while increasing profits for investors.

Apparently my savings are due to no longer having to pay for freeloaders. As a proud Texan and entrepreneur I am happily surprised by Obamacare."

Where to start;

Rates going down in October means this is a pre-community care  rating renewal. The only ObamaCare feature that could account for any savings is MLR reform which is already in its second year so that didn't cause a 50% decrease.

Saving 35K per month means they were paying close to 70K per month for a 48 life group. All states have small group reform, the only policy I have ever seen close to $1500 per emlployee were $0 or very rich plans for very old and sick groups. Which would be helped, but not till January.

No longer having to pay for freeloaders is the give away this entire comment is BS, ObamaCare does the exact opposite. It guarantees coverage when people need it freeing then to wait till then to buy it. It also allows those with unhealthy lifestyles to stick the rest of use with a large portion of their expenses.

The last comment in the thread was a gem;

"I did have an associate atty who is not technically an employee (she is "Of Counsel") of the firm, but who has been on our health care policy for 15 years. She was unceremoniously kicked off as of Sep 1 and has been forced to find individual coverage, but she has health issues, the reason why she was kicked off in my opinion. She is not eligible for COBRA due to this stupid employment rule of the ins companies. This is a very serious matter for her, and her family. So our broker has been able to write her some kind of temporary coverage to "...get her to Jan 2014" when she cannot be denied coverage, though the matter will probably still not be a favorable as her current (former) coverage is. Talk about your "death panels."

Disgraceful. We need universal, single-payer coverage for all American citizens."

This is a law firm, complaining they can't cover a non employee on their EMPLOYEE benefit plan. Notice the call for single payer, but no offer from the law firm to you know actually hire the individual which would solve the problem right away. 
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