Saturday, August 03, 2013

Maryland's strategy to ensure low cost insurance in their Exchange?

Reuters reported on August 2 that Aetna Inc will pull out of Maryland's health insurance exchange under ACA.  Apparently that's after the state told Aetna to lower its proposed 2014 rates by up to 29 percent.

Which reminds me - I  was a bartender at Busch Stadium back in the late 60's.  One oppressively hot St Louis afternoon we ran out of beer.  (Not for long, but we did run out.)  A thirsty fan asked me how much for a beer.  I told him we were temporarily out.  He then insisted to know how much for a beer.  I told him "Mister it's free.  We give it away whenever we run out."

Is that Maryland's strategy too?   Let's see how that works.  

Meanwhile, I think I hear two trains coming this way.  Don't you?
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