Friday, August 30, 2013

HHS wants you to meet Howard

I subscribe to and their Exchange online marketplace blog. Lately they have been sharing stories about people who will be impacted in a positive way under Obamacare. The most recent person we have been introduced to is Howard. He is a self employed software designer. Here is part of Howard's story pulled directly from the article.

          Uninsurable until 2014

          Howard shared his story with us:
“Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Once you get that diagnosis, the insurance company says, ‘you’re uninsurable.’ To get access to medical care now, what I do is participate in clinical trials on diabetes. I’m one of the people who actually are guinea pigs for new drugs. Insurance companies want perfect people, which is totally impossible. Everybody is going to get something at some time."
The average software designer makes roughly $90,530 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So Howard's issue isn't cost as much as it is his health status and the fact he hasn't had insurance for five years.

One question: If Howard has been uninsured for five years and affordability isn't the issue, then instead of being a "guinea pig" doing clinical trials why didn't he enroll in PCIP?
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