Monday, August 19, 2013

Forever 21 no more

Forever 21, a store that caters to young people on a budget, is one of my daughter's favorite places to shop. And who can blame her? Great selection of fashion forward clothes and accessories at terrific prices.

But as with so many other businesses, especially those employing those same young people, the ObamaTax has bitten them on the tush, too:

"Popular clothing company Forever 21 is the first of what might be many companies to limit its non-management workers’ hours to 29.5 a week"

[ed: "first" ?! Au contraire!]

So what does this mean for those "non-management" employees? Well, the obvious affect is a smaller paycheck. But it's about to get smaller, since these innocent victims of the ObamaTax will now be forced to purchase health insurance, at an inflated cost, from the Exchanges.

Or pay a nominal fine penalty tax.

Gee, which do you suppose they'll choose?
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