Monday, August 26, 2013

Early Renewal Fever - catch it!

Previously, we reported that several carriers have begin offering early renewal options to  small group clients in an effort to stave off (if only for a while) some of the more egregious effects of the ObamaTax.

This morning's email brought the first such offer I've seen for individual clients. From Medical Mutual of Ohio:

"For your clients in a non-grandfathered plan.... an opportunity to consider an early renewal of their individual plan for December 1, 2013.  This will allow them to keep their current plan until December 2014 if they choose."

Again, this is only a short-term fix; eventually, they'll have to move over to an ObamaTax-compliant plan. But for a little while at least, they'll be able to keep the insurance they currently have.

And the check'll be in the mail.
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