Monday, July 29, 2013

The ObamaTax Subsidy Cheat

As we noted almost 2 years ago, the ObamaTax specifically forbids folks in states with Federally-run Exchanges from receiving any subsidies (and this would include those hybrid State/Fed models, as well). Of course, a little thing like the law is of little consequence to the folks in Capital City, and so the IRS has stated unequivocally that "it determined that Congress intended for subsidies to be available in both state- and federally-run marketplaces," thus greatly expanding the scope (and, of course, the cost) of the subsidies.

Now come two House committees (finally) looking into this egregious decision:

"Two House committees sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew ... the law explicitly allows the subsidies to only be applied to purchases made on an exchange “established by the state"

As we were saying (seven months ago).

Since only 16 of the 58 states would legally be eligible for these subsidies, this represents a pretty significant chunk of ObamaChange. The Sooner State (one of those with a state-run Exchnage) "is now the plaintiff to a lawsuit arguing that the federal government cannot legally provide subsidies to federally run exchanges."

Here's wishing them well.

ADDENDUM: Meanwhile, Motor City seems intent on further exacerbating the ObamaTax Subsidy budgeting challenge:

"[T]he city is proposing a controversial plan for paring some of the $5.7 billion it owes in retiree health costs: pushing many of those too young to qualify for Medicare out of city-run coverage and into the new insurance markets that will soon be operating under the Obama health care law."

Yup, hundreds (thousands?) more unemployed folks hitting the Exchanges. And remember, thanks to the now-delayed roll-out of the Data Hub verification system, most if these folks will be climbing on board the subsidy gravy train.

Your tax dollars hard at retirement work.
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