Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Obamacare - Is Your Identity Safe?

This fall you will have an opportunity to buy your very own Obamacare health insurance policy. A plan designed by the same folks that gave us the bridge to nowhere and bailed out the auto industry, saving Detroit from financial ruin.
"Are you 100 percent finished establishing appropriate privacy protections?" Rep. Scott DesJarlais asked skeptically, with reference to the GAO report.
"No, we are not,"
How secure is the Obamacare system?
"I would say with regards to privacy and security we're probably about 80 percent,"
As they say, close enough for government work.
Millions of Americans will be asked to provide quite a bit of sensitive personal data in order to sign up for insurance coverage under Obamacare, including their social security numbers and income tax information. 
But you can protect your identity. It is very simple.
Don't buy on the exchange.
If you do buy on the exchange, ask yourself, "Is it safe?".

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