Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lucy (Peanuts fame) found working in Maryland

Lucy would be called an inflation-denier for her never-ending demand that it cost $0.05. Even today hocking life insurance she is set on five cents being the price. I have to wonder if officials in Maryland aren't giving their price setting just as little thought:

"The Maryland Insurance Administration is telling some carriers that want to sell coverage through its individual exchange program to make deep cuts in their premiums. "

"In the bare-bones, “bronze level” of coverage, for example, the monthly premium rates originally requested for a 25-year-old nonsmoker living in Baltimore ranged from $136 to $350.

The rates approved in that category of coverage range from $124 to $237.

The rate reductions demanded range from 1.1 percent for a QHP to be sold by a unit of Kaiser Permanente to 32 percent for a QHP to be sold be a unit of  UnitedHealth Group Inc." [emphasis added]

It is important to remember that if the actuaries for United are wrong they don't get to keep the money, it would go back to the policy holders; thus they don't have any incentive to be that far off.

I have to wonder where $237 came from. That doesn't sound far off for a healthy person policy today with maternity. Guaranteed issue with community rating and $350 even sounds aggressive. 
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