Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is Anyone Really Serious About Obamacare?

Recently the folks at Opposing Views gave us 12 Ways Obamacare Has Failed and  admittedly they did a good job but came up short.          

As Al Borland would say, "I don't think so. You missed a few".

We counted at least 12 delays or revisions to Obamacare that makes you wonder, are they really serious about making health care affordable or is this nothing more than a white elephant?

  • 1099 provisions repealed
  • CLASS Act repealed
  • FBHPO BASIC plan delayed until 2015
  • Co-op plans de-funded
  • PCIP terminated early due to lack of funds
  • SHOP multi-choice options delayed until 2015
  • Waivers . . . . (the list is endless)
  • Cadillac tax delayed until 2018
  • Contraception mandate delayed (legal battles)
  • Early retiree reinsurance plan ran out of money in 2011
  • Employee free choice vouchers repealed April 2011
  • Clawbacks altered when 1099 provision eliminated $22 billion in new taxes
  • MAGI (used to determine subsidies) redefined to include SS benefits
  • Medicare Advantage cuts rolled back (March, 2013)
  • W-2 reporting delayed until 2013
  • Automatic enrollment of groups (200+ lives) delayed until 2015
  • Employer notices regarding exchange eligibility delayed
  • Employer penalties delayed
  • Income verification for subsidies delayed
  • Employer insurance coverage delayed
  • Postponed tobacco surcharge due to issues with exchange system

With all this gutting is there a reason to continue this fiasco?
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