Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ignorance is . . . .

The old saying, ignorance is bliss, is alive and well in Obamacare-land.  

Here we are, over 3 years after the bill was signed into law and less than 6 months away from (almost) full implementation (less 20 or so provisions that have been delayed or dropped) and it seems the bulk of the public is blissfully ignorant about Obamacare.

Spotted on a popular social network . . .

I had a not so nice surprise today when I went to pick up a prescription that I usually pay 30 bucks they wanted 180 bucks! I quietly excused myself and called my insurance company, was given the runaround, and asked for a supervisor. The person didn't want to transfer me, but I insisted she did. The supervisor rudely told me that people like me who have on ongoing condition can't expect their insurance to keep covering the medicine forever. I then asked her, "Then what the heck are you good for?" I had a few other choice words....which I'm sure they have recorded. She then proceeded to tell me that "you can blame a lot of this on Obama and his health plan, you know". 
Have any of you had unexpected bad experiences with your health or RX plans lately? 
Also, Obama Care isn't in effect yet, is it? Or are insurance companies changing their policies before it comes into effect?

Ignorance is not just limited to the public. There are many people who work in the industry that also are not informed.

Several comments followed, most of which were more political than helpful.

Then there was this . . .
She is an idiot and her political ideas are what she is spewing, no truth in it, Obamacare is NOT in effect as a matter of fact, it is up in the air what exactly will occur and insurance companies are just waiting to see what will come down the pike when it does, remember his plan is additional health care options offered by the government, it's like a multi choice plan and it won't have anything to do with drug coverage, this is the same stuff that happens all the time. Walgreens also has their own drug discount plan, its 20 dollars a year and you are guaranteed to at least get that out of the savings or your money back. There are options, but on the phone with your insurance company isn't one of them, those people who answer the phones don't pay claims, they don't review for coverage, they aren't the people to talk to.

Heads up.

Obamacare IS in effect and has been rolling out since 2010.

I guess this person missed the "all children left behind" when carriers in every state stopped offering child only health insurance. Or the dearth of maternity coverage on individual health insurance plans.

"Free" preventive care kicked in . . . which of course raised premiums.

And birth control? Guess this poster missed all the hoopla when several large institutions resisted the mandatory coverage for birth control. A battle that is still going on and has resulted in a delay in forcing places of business that object on religious grounds to "upgrade" their benefits regarding contraceptives.

"Additional health care options offered by the government". 


I suppose they mean Medicaid expansion. Of course 13 states have outright refused to expand Medicaid rolls and several others are hoping for approval of alternate plans.

"Walgreens also has their own drug discount plan, its 20 dollars a year and you are guaranteed to at least get that out of the savings or your money back"

Discount Rx and medical plans are great until you need real insurance coverage.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of unhappy people early next year.

No more bliss.

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