Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh Good Lord!

Is this really the face they want to put on The ObamaTax?

"General Electric (GE) has enlisted Agent Smith, the villain from "The Matrix" trilogy, to tout its health care technology in a new ad campaign."

Actually, that might make more sense than you'd think, given this:

"[Soon to be former] Sen. Max Baucus ... asked HHS to provide "a complete list of agencies that will interact with the Federal Data Services Hub."

Regular readers may recall that the "data hub -- in laymen's terms, a huge digital warehouse capable of sending information to other online servers -- plays a crucial role in the exchanges"

That innocuous-sounding phrase "sending information to other online servers" actually means more, a lot more. The Hub will be sending information to, and receiving information from, Ms Shecantbeserious and her minions, the IRS, Immigration, even Homeland Security. And of course all of this previously private health care information will be completely secure.

Trust us (they said).

Y'know, if you're going to enlist a villain to promote your evil scheme, I say go big or go home.
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