Wednesday, June 05, 2013

ObamaTax Scam Alert

As if the actual law itself isn't enough of a headache, clever fraudsters continue to prey on citizens already confused about whether or not they'll be insured. I wrote about one such scam in April, and Patrick had one in May.

Now, FoIB Holly R tips us to the newest iteration:

"USCT [United States Contractors Trust] is targeting people over the Internet with pre-existing health conditions who are experiencing difficulty finding insurance. Desperate to secure individual or family health insurance, the Ohioans eagerly completed contact information forms on innocuous-looking websites"

Unsuspecting Buckeyes provide their contact and bank info, and are told that coverage is in place. The first few claims seem to process fine, but then become ensnared in what USCT says are "computer problems" but which the Ohio Department of Insurance characterizes as a"scam". All the while, premiums (as high as $550 per month) continue to bleed out of the victims' bank accounts.

The Ohio Department of Insurance has "issued a cease and desist order" to the alleged fraudsters; in the meantime, if you (or someone you know) has been targeted, contact the DOI immediately, and direct your bank to stop the auto-withdrawals.

You'll be glad you did.
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