Friday, June 07, 2013

Obamacare - There Will be Blood

Less than 4 months away and the excitement over Obamacare and the exchanges is almost reminiscent of the old days when the car companies rolled out their new models for next year. Ads appeared on TV and in print where shiny new cars were strategically hidden behind a leggy model who invited you to see the USA in your Chevrolet.  

Most of the ads were geared towards males. Apparently women didn't buy cars then, or if they did they sent their husband or a relative to negotiate for them.

That was then.

This is now.

Obamacare is just around the corner and plenty of you have "the fever" and can't wait to see the new models that promise to be faster, sleeker and have more get up and go than the old model.

But not everyone is excited.

The folks responsible for building the exchange, now called a more consumer friendly "marketplace", are hoping the wheels don't come off.

As the WSJ reports "Something will be up and running on October 1, but it will be full of issues, bugs and technological challenges.

Wonder how DC and the HHS will spin it?

"Only 45 minutes to complete the subsidy application and you will be rewarded with a subsidy worth thousands of dollars."

Your mileage may vary.

According to HHS, "Our experience in running Medicare for nearly 50 million people has given us valuable skills and lessons to prepare us for preparing to run the Health Insurance Marketplace."

No doubt the folks at Edsel had similar feelings.

"This is less likely to be like a travel booking experience and more like applying for a mortgage online."

Don't you just love that new policy smell?

Thanks to Henry Stern for the tip!

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