Monday, June 24, 2013

Exchange News

Now that we're at less than 100 days until the Exchanges (allegedly) open for business, here's the latest from a select few of the 58 states:

■ First up, New Hampshire  has "achieved a dubious distinction," one that has some folks pretty concerned:

"It is the only state so far with just one health insurer that plans to sell its products in the new online marketplace."

It will surprise no one that that carrier is Anthem Blue Cross/Shield.

■ FoIB Jeff M tips us that North Carolina's public Exchange is faring little better:

"Individuals buying health insurance coverage on new online exchange marketplaces beginning this fall will be choosing from products from only two or three carriers"

And businesses in the Tar Heel State will have similar lack of variety in the small group Marketplace: thus far, only the ubiquitous Blues are on-board.

■ We're doing a bit better here in the Buckeye State:

"Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, who also serves as the Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, has announced that 14 companies filed 214 products intended to be sold on the federally facilitated insurance exchange in Ohio"

That's the good news. The bad is that these new plans represent "an 88 percent increase over the average cost in 2013"


■ And, finally, it looks like Iowa may be tied with New Hampshire for "first/last" place (depending on one's perspective):

"The Iowa state insurance commissioner is urging carriers to get into the exchange while there are still lots of potential policyholders ... However, [insurance commissioner] Gerhart has seen only one carrier — and not even the first- or second-largest — sign up for the partnership exchange"

And that one has chosen - ominously - to remain anonymous.

Wonder why.
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