Thursday, May 16, 2013

What could *possibly* go wrong - Part XXVII

A perfectly pleasant day, ruined:

"The [IRS] has requested funding for 1,954 full-time equivalent employees for its Affordable Care Act office in 2014 ... these bureaucrats will write and enforce tax regulations for parts of the economy in which they have no core competence."

Well, how is that any different than the way things stand now?

Oh, right:

"To monitor compliance with [the ObamaTax], the IRS and HHS are now building the largest personal information database the government has ever attempted ... The data hub will be used as the verification system for ObamaCare's complex subsidy formula. All insurers, self-insured businesses and government health programs must submit reports to the IRS about the individuals they cover, which the IRS will cross-check against tax returns."

So one wonders:

Will tax cheats be denied health care?

What if you accidentally underpay?

Who, exactly, is building this database? Is it at least an American company?

Given previous security breaches, it's not entirely certain that your data won't be misused or disseminated (ask the recent victims of the IRS non-profit certification process). And given that the Feds' reliability in matters data are, at best, spotty, one is also not reassured.

Sleep tight.
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