Monday, May 20, 2013

Stupid Carrier Trick - Logging edition

Recently, I sold and delivered a policy to a client who, when applying, chose the monthly draft ("check-o-matic") premium payment option. This is a convenient way to budget premiums and, at least with this company, the second least expensive way to do so (typically, carriers impose a surcharge depending on how often premiums are paid - monthly, quarterly, etc). When the policy was approved and we had set an appointment for delivery, he indicated that he'd decided to change to annual pay.

Not a major issue - I notified our general agent (GA) for that carrier, and an amendment form was included with the policy. So far, no big deal. When I delivered the policy, I had the client sign that form (along with approximately 273 others) and sent it back in the handy, pre-paid envelope.

So far, so good.

You can imagine my surprise, then, to receive an email from the GA that "the new, re-issued policy" was on the way.

What new, re-issued policy?

Turns out, this carrier - even though we had signed and returned the amendment form - has decided that it needs to re-issue the entire policy, and over the weekend I received another half pound of paper (really!). Sent to me for a mere $2.50 of USPS postage.

I am far from a "tree-hugger," but even I find this offensive. Nothing substantive changed in the policy - why wouldn't the carrier simply print up and send out a little "certificate" noting the change?

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