Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ObamaTax chow down

Whether it's movie theaters, theme parks or fast food joints, the ObamaTax is certainly taking a bite out of the employment market. As the Wall Street Journal notes:

"Some restaurant operators are scaling back expansion plans because of uncertainty about the expense of insuring employees under the [ObamaTax] ...  East Coast Wings & Grill, a 26-unit chain in North Carolina and Texas, in March imposed a three- to five-unit limit, for the time being, on the number of restaurants that franchisees can own, because of worries about health-care costs."


It's really a double-whammy: the costs themselves, plus the uncertainty of how they'll shake out. So businesses refrain from expanding, which in turn means fewer jobs are created, which in turn adds more drag to an already anemic economy.

And it's only going to get worse.

Over at Reason, there's a letter from an employer to his 23 employees laying out what they can expect in terms of changing health care policies and costs, and why. But here's the money quote:

"The higher cost for [the employer] would reduce our ability to hire, give raises, etc."

These are very real, very immediate concerns, but have been given short shrift in the legacy media. The letter is amazing for it's comprehensive but totally understandable explanation of where they've come, and where they're headed, by an employer who really "gets it." Read the whole thing.
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