Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obama Skinny Plan Irony

Prior to ObamaCare a few million people had these not-quite-insurance insurance mini med policies. The administration and pro-reform crowd decided people who purchased these plans needed protection from themselves and set out to wipe them away. Some of these forsaken plans had limits only in the tens of thousands. They might only pay a few hundred dollars per day for hospitalization or surgery.The requirement that plans have no limits, annual or lifetime when fully implemented would see these plans die a deserved death.

These helpless souls had much to look forward to under Obamacare, why they would have full comprehensive coverage at an affordable price....

....or not:
"Wonder what a “skinny” or “low-benefit” insurance plan is? The terms may vary, but the basic idea is that policies would cover preventive care, a limited number of doctor visits and perhaps generic drugs. They wouldn’t cover things such as surgery, hospital stays or prenatal care"
Thanks to ObamaCare they now have even fewer benefits then they had before.
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