Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Kentucky Progress: A Study in Persistence

A while back, I became acquainted with David Adams' work in fighting Bluegrass State "city hall" politics, specifically Kentucky's governor Beshear's efforts to install a state-run Exchange.

The issue is that, according to David's take on Kentucky state law, the Gov had no legal right to do so.

So David sued him.

Now, one might be tempted to think of windmills and Don Quixote here, but David is serious, committed and resourceful. I've been looking for a way to introduce him and his project to IB readers, and he's thoughtfully provided a summary post ("the plot so far" ) to give a basic background of the issues and his strategy.

Here's a taste, but read the whole thing:
"Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear wants to win his fight for assuming the ObamaCare unfunded mandate without addressing funding or mandates ... The Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange will be funded "from revenues generated by the Exchange" according to Beshear's executive order ... By itself, this action violates the rights of taxpayers to not have their pockets picked without legislation first being properly enacted."
This is important, grass-roots stuff. Click on over for the whole story.
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