Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just 12 Easy Payments

Need Obamacare insurance? No problem. Click or call the exchange in your state using your Obama-phone. Complete the 20+ page Obama-application for financial assistance. Once approved you pick an Obama-plan and then in just 12 easy payments you will be the proud owner of your new Obamacare health insurance plan.

But wait.

Paying for it (even after financial assistance) may be a challenge for some.
For ordinary Americans deemed unbankable, those who don’t have a traditional checking or savings account, it can be hard to simply pay bills. And that is about to become a big problem for those who also lack health coverage -- and for the health insurance companies trying to sell them coverage. After all, how do you sell a product to a customer who has no way to pay you?

Money order? 

This is a problem for about 20% of the population. Wonder if the folks at HHS thought about this?

The new federal health law which requires most Americans to carry health insurance starting in January presents a particular problem for those households, since most health plans accept a credit card for the first month’s premium payment and then require customers to pay monthly with a check or an electronic funds transfer from a checking account.
The solution is simple.

REQUIRE everyone to have a credit card and a bank account.

Or REQUIRE the insurance carriers to accept EBT cards.

Buy here. Pay here.

No problem.

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