Thursday, May 23, 2013

Insurance Library

The editors of InsureBlog are pleased to add Insurance Library to our all star blogroll.

I am very familiar with the originators of Insurance Library and know how much they give back to the public in the form of educational blogs and forums. Insurance Library is a new site but is rapidly growing their visitor count on a daily basis.

Consumers can review questions and answers on over 3,000 topics ranging from auto insurance to homeowners, life insurance, health insurance and Medicare. Insurance Library tries to take the mystery out of a complex problem and provide solutions that are workable.

Agents are allowed to participate by invitation only and will provide answers to a wide range of questions.

If you don't see a question that addresses your issues you may pose your own. In most cases a response will appear in 48 hours or less. Some very specific questions take more time to research, especially those that ask if a particular drug is covered by insurance.

Agents that participate have biographical information available including links to their website. If you would rather have your question addressed in private you may contact an agent of your choosing.

We hope you will visit Insurance Library and find it helpful.

You'll also find the link in our Blogs of Interest in the sidebar.
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