Monday, May 13, 2013

Enroll America will not be Enrolling

A recent post in Health Affairs written by Enroll America's top officials discusses the role they will play in educating and enrolling consumers into insurance exchanges. Interestingly, their post made no mention of Navigators. So I decided to reach out to the authors in the comment section. Here is what I asked:
I’m curious if Enroll America has filed with HHS to serve as Navigators? Could one of the authors please respond? Thank you!
Finally I received a response. This wasn't posted in the article but came direct to my email from Ron Pollack of Families USA who is also the Founding Board Chairman of Enroll America.
Enroll America  has not filed to serve as navigators and has no intention of doing so.
So there you have it. The group that is supposed to be leading the charge to serve those who need it most won't be serving them much at all.
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